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Entertaining lessons from the pandemic

Over the last few months, we’ve appreciated the unexpected hygge brought by the pandemic. On cold hill we’ve had many wonderful, outdoor gatherings that involved bundling up in lots of layers and laughing around a fire with friends. With the unexpected need to entertain outdoors came a few lessons that we are happy to share with you for future use.

Lesson #1: if you have the right open space and a good thick layer of snow on the ground, you can safely and successfully ignite a dried out, old giant Christmas wreath. We are saving the metal ring to make our own next year!

Burning wreath was a win for sure, but we didn’t have success with everything that we tried…

Lesson #2: there simply is not enough sterno to keep cheese melty in a fondue pot outdoors on frigid days. And the dipping items get cold pretty quickly too.

We did learn to treasure the joy of celebrating indoors with our pod with extra special goodies and mixing up traditions.

Lesson #3: Sometimes it’s OK to start with pie on Thanksgiving day and why not enjoy a few dozen oysters on a random Tuesday in mid-December. and sometimes there really isn’t anything more festive than appreciating how lucky you are by staying in your pajamas all day and watching old movies.

Our goals for Spring include continuing our appreciation for all that is good in our life, getting vaccinated, having more adventures in outdoor entertaining, and encouraging the addition of beautiful and useful items to use in your home. As William Morris said, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Be sure to check out our new cracker vessels and let us know what useful items you could use in your house!

Happy Spring,

Will and Laura

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