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I share with you last weekend’s kitchen adventure: Tomatofest! After lucking into the opportunity to purchase 25 pounds of organic tomatoes from a local farm for a bargain price, I returned home to contemplate my next move.

I reached out to a few friends and found four who were willing to come and celebrate tomatoes and enjoy a bit of TOM-foolery in my back yard.

We started with Tomato Margaritas and cherry tomatoes stuffed with garlic and dried ramp cheese mixed and topped with cucumbers and wild Icelandic sea kelp (herbs and spices from Burlap and Barrel).

Next was my favorite, three-ingredient gazpacho, followed by grilled tomato-glazed chicken thighs and charred tomatoes,

tomato pistachio tart, toast with tomato butter,

and a salad with mixed cherry and heirloom tomatoes, cantaloupe, onion, feta and mint.

Dessert? Yes, a retro-fueled, tomato bundt cake with sugary tomato drizzle! (made using freshly pureed tomato juice rather than canned tomato soup.)

I’m not including recipes, because I haven’t had time to test and I’m out of tomatoes, but, dm if you want some direction. There’s still time to host your own Tomatofest!#coldhillstudio#handmade#modern#tomato#covidentertaing#organic#dinnerparty#burlapandbarrel#covidentertaining

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