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Vernal Equinox

This cocktail is a bit of a hybrid—part Gimlet, part Gin and Tonic—it could be called a Gimletonic….But that’s not its name. Muddle the cucumber and mint well, so that the cucumber juice is released and the final drink is murky like a vernal pool. Despite the “murkiness” you’ll find this as refreshing as the first day of Spring!

Makes 2 cocktails

Scant cup, peeled and diced cucumber

15 mint leaves

2 Tablespoons simple syrup*

1/2 cup lime juice

2 jiggers (3 oz.) gin


1/2 cup tonic water, divided

2 Lime peel twists**

  1. Place cucumber and mint in the bottom of a cocktail shaker and muddle well with a spoon or muddler.

  2. Add simple syrup and continue muddling. (See pictures below.)

  3. Add lime juice, and gin, along with a generous handful of ice.

  4. Shake well and pour into 2 glasses.

  5. Stir in tonic (don't shake!) with the twist of lime and serve with cucumber wedge, mint, and/or lime peel garnish.

  6. Cheers!

*To make simple syrup, heat 1/2 cup water with have a cup sugar until sugar dissolves. Cool and keep in fridge until needed. I like to always have some on hand!

** To make lime peel twists, remove a 3" peel of lime using a vegetable peeler. Wind up and hold in place with a toothpick until twisted and ready to use.

1. Start by muddling the mint and cucumber.

2. Once the cucumber begins to soften, add simple syrup and muddle some more. Make sure that cucumber juice and mint oil come out!

3. Add gin, lime juice and ice. Cover the shaker and shake!

4. Pour into two glasses.

5. Stir in 1/4 tonic water into each glass.

6. Cheers!

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